"I want to express my sincere gratitude to Maxim for his high professionalism, individual approach and a wonderful sense of humor. The results of the photo session made he really happy: my business portrait now looks so natural and attractive. Thank you!"

Olga Zemnukhova
HR - manager
"Maxim demonstrates a professional approach, which leads to fast, efficient and coordinated work. He knows how to organize the right interaction with the client, which is especially important in situations where an individual approach is necessary."

Stanislav Cherkasov
PJSC "Sol Russia", President
"I am very impressed with the result and quality of work that Maxim demostrated during the shooting. Maxim patiently explained and showed me all the nuances of posing that fit my image and finally I got the result which I needed. I definitely recommend Maxima's studio for business portrait photography and I will encourage my colleagues to work with him."
Oleg Akulov
"I've been to photo sessions before, but you, Maxim, surprised me. First of all, by your individual approach. You did not force me to be someone, on the contrary you helped me to be myself and "caught" the moments helping with very professional advice to open up. That's why I recommend you to come for individual portraits to you. Thank you for the professionalism and the opportunity to remain yourself at the photo session!"
Maria Akhvlediani-Magront
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Deputy Head chair of Journalism and TV
"A very delicate and filigree work, where millimeters solve everything - this is how you can characterize Maxim's approach to the process of creating a portrait. I was surprisingly easy and comfortable at all stages of the project. I learned a lot about myself and my appearance. This is a whole training! Maxim's advice gave me new knowledge and practical skills for working on camera, which I am now using in my work on television. He knows what to do, he is a great professional. "
Tatiana Polyakova
RT Channel, Producer
"Maxim has a certain psychological sensitivity, which helps him to see the client and reflect it in the work. "

Danila Kuzin
Plastic Surgeon
"I am sincerely grateful to Maxim Fedorov for the image he professionally managed to reveal in me. During the shooting he said that 90% of his work is psychology. It is necessary for bringing a person's inner world to his face and then the ptograther's goal is to capture it correctly. Thank you Maxim!"

Andrei Martemyanov
"In the process of working with Maxim, I realized how much the inner state creates and changes our appearance. During the shooting he took me way into the world of photography, emotions and feelings, it gave me an opportunity to feel like an actress and reveal something new for myself. I really liked that Maxim can make it so that I look very well on his pictures, but at the same time very natural. "
Ekaterina Romanova
Image consultant
"Thank you very much for the shooting, it was very pleasant to work with you! Before shooting I was nervous, but from the first minute I realized that the professional is working, which means that the photos will be beautiful. Besides the pleasant and cheerful atmosphere, it was great to learn a lot of useful information - how to pose in a better way, where to turn, so that it looked beautiful. I will use this knowledge in my life."
Irina Zatseda
PwC, Human Resources Specialist PwC
"An hour of work with Maxim gave me not only high-quality photographs, but also an interesting, valuable experience. I watched myself and changes in emotions and then in photos. Another interesting experience was the immediate feedback - in the process of working Maxim showed me pictures on the laptop straight away and it helped me a lot. I understood how my movements and posing affected the result, and this increased the quality of work and trust in the technique and the way Maxim worked. "
Petr Salnikov
"Professional view of the photographer, incredibly accurate psychological connection to the model during work and a special creative atmosphere in the studio help Maxim achieve incredible results. This is very important for the world of actors. "

Sergey Tassler
The theater and cinema actor
"Maxim takes every shooting very seriously, he prepares for it very carefully, works well and delicately. There is pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in his studio."

Irina Zhebeleva
AG Loyalty, HR Director
"Maxim, thank you for the photo session! Working with you was very comfortable and interesting.I felt that every turn of my head was being worked out! And what is especially valuable is that after the shooting I've got not only a one-time result - beautiful, professional shots, but also an understanding of which angle is the best for me, what look and smile are the most advantageous. This is important for me not only for photography, but for life as well! Thank you very much for this valuable experience, individual approach and quality work!"
Inna Cerelenko
PwC, Junior manager, support of capital transactions
."Maxim works in his profession and undoubtedly leads his model after him. He interacts, first of all, with the inner world of the actor and leads him emotionally, which contributes to the correct expression of character in the frame. The studio atmosphere created by the photographer contributes to confidence and stress relief. Maxim is a professional who knows his business."

Peter Kudryashov
The theater and cinema actor
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; color: #454545} "Maxim is simply a genius with a camera in his hands. He very clearly explains the essence of the creative task, which helps create incredible photos. If you are an actor working in Russia, you should make a headshot photo session with Maxim. In his work he brings the best from New York to Russia."
Noah J. Ricketts
Broadway Dreams, Actor, Musician, Performer
"Working with Maxim is a real study of yourself. With carefulness of a surgeon, he gets rid of all unnecessary, stamped, ridiculous. A photographic lens in his hands fixes you, your uniqueness. He is looking for exactly your point of inner self-confidence, within yourself . Maxim is able to illustrate life in just one photo, to put together the whole life experience in a concentrated way. Working with Maxim is about the truth."
Svetlana Oleynik
Psychologist, coach
"For the first time I finally realized that by the power of my look and my smile I can reach out and touch hearts and souls. Thank you Maxim for puling out of me real emotions. I can say for sure that with such a professional approach you will find the best angle you are looking for. A photo for a resume or business portfolio will undoubtedly attract the right person. Bravo, that the magical "hook" of Maxim shows your advantages and attracts attention.I recommend you to go to the real Max for a real business picture! He knows exactly how to do them "
Catherine Vashcheleva
Philip Morris Sales & Marketing, IQOS Brand Public Relations Specialist
"Cooperation with Maxim was my first experience with a professional photographer. I am very grateful to him for creating a comfortable atmosphere for me, I was both relaxed and focused on work. Maxim's special vision, his tactfulness and patience helped him to find such a perspective which is really in harmony with my inner sense of myself. "
Andrey Avramchuk
"I was surprised how quickly and naturally Maxim was able to reveal my inner state and sense of myself. His attitude to work inspires trust and respect."

Andrey Stashin
"I was surprised by Maxim's pedantic approach to the shooting process. He reveals the images both from the subjective point of view of the photographer, and also from the psychophysics of the artist. "

Tatyana Cherdyantseva
The theater and cinema actress
"Working with Maxim was a discovery for me, new knowledge which helped me realize how one can reveal in a person a true image. Maxim has a special vision to capture that part of a person on camera which is usually hidden from others. It shows strong personality and is reflected in pictures. With all this he does it working in a business style! He explains everything in details, why he sees it this way, why it should be shown on camera and why it works."
Yana Galkina
Producer, PR expert
"Having made a photoset from Maxim, I realized that just one photo can affect your life more than another higher education, some business coach or an accidental win in the casino. This is not just a picture - together with him you create a certain form that will change you for a long time."
Nikolay Novoselov
"ArtNauka: Physics of the Impossible", CEO of the company
"Maxim - he is that very Pro photographer, the image of which I once saw in a movie and imagined it to myself. The result of the photo session is cool photos and knowledge of your body in terms of how to properly present it in real life. The experience I got paved the basis for a new stage in my development. If you are ready for changes, then start them with Maxim Fedorov. "
Dmitry Goldwergh
Project NASATET, Founder
"I am very pleased with the results of our joint work with Maxim. Once again I was convinced that the teamwork of the photographer and the model at the stage of preparation for the shooting and during it helps to achieve the best result. Judging by my acting headshots I realized the importance of following the photographer's recommendations accurately as small angles can change the character of your image."
Anna Bogdan
The theater and cinema actress
"I really liked working with Maxim. He is a real professional - he made several cool photos duing an hour. He has his own individual approach, which helped to pull out of me those emotions that I rarely show. He is a nice and interesting person. "

Igor Kozhelin
The Youth Chamber under the Moscow City Duma, the Chairman of the Section on Science and Industry
"If you'd like to get a portrait with a bright and lively look, I advise you to go to Maxim. It's not just a photo session - in fact, it's a real master class about how to behave on camera during a shooting. For example, you will learn your most attractive angles, or the secrets of what men need to do to look more brutal, and women - more sensual. It's very interesting: you and the photographer work as a team and together look for new interesting angles you've never though of. This is a joint director's work!"
Anna Marlioni
The theater and cinema actress
"This is not a photo session, but a real work that leads to success. Maxim uses his unique experience, which prepares the actor for the photo session. I have not seen this approach from any other photographer. He explained to me the technical aspects of posing and some of them amazed me not only with their simplicity, but also how practical they are. The result of the photo session surprised me, because for me as an actress it was important not only to get good pictures, but also get answers to myself for some important questions. And Maxim helped me a lot with this. "
Olesya Gribok
The theater and cinema actress