About Maxim Fedorov
Maxim is a portrait photographer working in Moscow. Maxim promotes a unique for Russia photo format - Headshot (portrait with a focus on the eyes and emotions of the model). The key thing is to catch the unique emotional image of a model on camera in the atmosphere of trust - that's what Headshot is about.
Maxim is a member of the international association HeadshotCrew which is created by the founder of the Headshot movement Peter Hurley. Maxim is the first photographer in Russia who is part of an elite group of photographers who received personal training and recognition of Peter Hurley. His business portraits and other projects often became the best shots of the month in the association.
Maxim teaches his colleagues and beginning photographers the nuances of shooting portraits in Headshot style, does lectures, teaches and helps his clients and famous photography brands create new vivid images and portraits.
Olga Zemnukhova
HR - Manager
I would like to say thank you to Maxim for his high professionalism, individual approach and a wonderful sense of humor.
Pyotr Kudryashov
Theater and Cinema Actor
Maxim is a true photographer, he has this unique ability to lead his model after him.
Ekaterina Romanova
Image Consultant
Maxim films in a way that I look so beautiful on his pictures, but at the same time very naturally.

Moscow, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya 11, Building 52, 3th Floor
Please see "Contacts" section to check the explanation of the way to the studio.
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