4.500 rub/person
You'll see the whole team of your company in an absolutely new light. The same visual style of the photo will help the company communicate with key customers, strategic partners and colleagues and show the key thing which you have in your business is the team. Annual report; presentation of the company; Advertising brochures; Intranet.

— for a group starting from three people
— 20 minute shooting for each model
— one style (background) for the whole group
— one fully retouched photo for each model
— studio in your office for a group more 5 people
8.900 rub
imagesThe first step in the world of your personal brand. It will give an opportunity of perfect positioning both in a professional environment and also for personal purposes. The photos are used for corporate and personal needs: the internet and intranet sites of companies, when searching for a job, for the right positioning of you in social networks, for work with presentational or promotional materials. If you are speaking at conferences or giving interviews, or your photo is requested for some reports - then this package is for you.

— 60 minute long
— one style (background)
— quick training for the right modeling
— clothes choosing recommendations
— two fully retouched images
« Advanced »
13 000 rub
We are looking for your new image in the system of three components: Trust, Openness, Confidence. The photos can be used for a wide range of targets, such as: selective job search, correct positioning of you in any social networks, for corporate and personal needs, public presentations. The "Advanced" package is a great start for working on a personal brand or for creating an emotional portfolio for actors.

— 60 minute long
— Two styles (background)
— training for the modeling
— clothes choosing recommendations
— four fully retouched images
— quality French coffee during the shooting
    15 000 rub
    Total immersion into the process of building your new visual image in the system of 3 components: Trust, Openness and Confidence. The photos are used to solve the problems of correct positioning of you in the process of promoting a personal brand in the modern world - social networks, internet and intranet sites, job search, public presentations, press publications, dating portfolio, actor's portfolio.

    — 180 minute long
    — three styles (background)
    — full training for the modeling
    — clothes choosing recommendations
    — six fully retouched images
    — one printed image - format of 40 cm x 32 cm
    — champagne with chocolate during the shoot
    In case you are planing to give a gift to your colleagues, friends or a family members, Maxim Fedorov Photostudio suggests the following options for how to make this event effective, bright and memorable.
    Option 1
    Validity period is one year

    You choose any package from the current rate card, tell us the name
    of the person you are planning to present a certificate, make a full payment of the package and we will send you a certificate printed on a photo paper and will be looking forward to contacting us from the holder.
    And the most important thing!!!
    We will do our best to make your gift the best and most memorable. In addition to the above options in the packages, we will draw our attention to your personal recommendations and requests concerning future certificate holders and will work through them with special care.

    The cost of the packages and certificates does not include the services of a make-up artist. If necessary, we are ready to recommend you a professional with whom we work on a permanent basis or advise you how to get ready for the shooting by yourself.

    The cost of the packages and certificates includes consultation of the photographer for choosing clothes for shooting styles and consultation of the make-up artist for choosing a make-up and styling

    Customers who use the studio services for the second time will get a discount of 40% from the cost of any package.

    There are special offers for students and actors.

    Renting the studio outside the agreed limits outlined in the packages and certificates will be 700 roubles per hour.

    Cost of editing (retouching) of additional photos is to be discussed separately

    The photos are given to the customer in the electronic format (see the details below)

    The cost of pre-print preparation and photo printing outside of the packages is discussed separately.

    Preparation for shooting
    Before the shooting we should discuss the clothes you'll wear. That's why we ask you to send us photos of your clothes, which you'd like to wear for the shooting and what you have. We will need all possible combinations and styles suitable in your opinion to white, gray and black backgrounds. You can take your photos on the phone and send them to us by email or in social networks. When we get them our photographer will advise you on the best choice.

    Recommended clothing for a portrait:

    • Women (business and casual): single-color shirts or blouses, jackets, single-tone tops with an intriguing neck, a dress with prominent collars, tight sweaters or turtlenecks (with or without a collar). The colors are single-tone. The colors which always work well: white, gray, black, light blue.
    • Men (business and casual): elegant monochrome shirts (with a collar suitable for neck size), jackets and ties, combined with shirts, light summer jackets, dark V-neck T-shirts, polo shirts with a collar and the like. The colors are monophonic. Colors that work well always: white, gray, black, light blue.
    Recommended clothes for full –height portrait: :

    • In addition to the above mentioned options both for women and men, we recommend selecting the bottom (trousers, skirt and shoes) in such a way that it was in harmony with the top.
    If you do not have suitable clothes for shooting, we recommend you to pay attention to the developed network of Moscow modern and popular clothing stores that offer a wide selection of clothes within walking distance from the studio. For example, the Atrium shopping center near Kurskaya metro station has stores like Uniqlo, Zara, H & M and others, where you can take your clothes for your shooting and return it after the session with a check. Or, if you'd like to create your own style, our studio is ready to provide you with a personal image consultant who will develop your individual image, including clothing, styling, jewelry and make-up.
    Women's Makeup
    We recommend the use of professional make-up for shooting. Its cost is 2,500 rubles. For the image and includes corrective hair styling and makeup. The recommendation to include it in the package is due to the fact that when shooting we use a special light, which in combination with professional cosmetics enhances the effect of beauty. If you do not have the opportunity to include our specialist in the work, you can use either your specialist or everything you need to do yourself. We are ready to advise on all issues.
    Male makeup
    Since the possibilities of post-processing photos are quite extensive, we do not recommend the use of professional make-up for men. But if you need the presence and help of our specialist, we are ready to provide it for an additional 1,000 rubles.
    Women's Styling
    We recommend everyone to have the hairstyle which is comfortable and natural for you. Our specialist is always available for help. The package we mentioned above (2500 rubles.) includes hair styling. If you need a significant change in style, for example, you'd like to have curls or make hair straightening, our make-up artist will do everything possible to make you look as you wish for extra 1,000 rubles.
    Men's Styling
    You'll need to have a comfortable hairdo and be well-shaven, if bristle or beard is not part of your style. We recommend visiting your hairdresser one week before the scheduled shooting. The studio is equipped with a comfortable place where you can do your hairstyle by yourself.
    For headshot photography we recommend wearing only small and modest jewelry, such as studs earrings or very small earrings. If you have a large selection of jewelry and you do not know what to choose, take everything with you and we will help you make the right choice.
    Note to models
    Before meeting with a make-up artist, we strongly recommend you to follow some important recommendations below. All the preparation procedures should be done a day before the main event.

    SLEEP / REST Before a big event or shooting it is very important to sleep well a day before the shooting and go to bed at 9-11 p.m.

    FACE Every woman has her own vision the way she looks. Especially when it comes to the face (the shape of the eyebrows, the face tone, etc.). Discuss all the important points with your make-up artist in advance (or just before the make-up). The make-up specialist can see you in a different way, but most importantly, you should feel comfortable in your new image. If your skin has peeling, use a scrub on the eve. When dry skin of the face, it must be moistened with cream and take a moisturizing cream with you. To avoid losing time on make-up, you must come with a clean face (without make-up / traces of old make-up) if you are coming from home! If you have other circumstances, then put + 5-10 minutes for make-up before the creation of the image (ie, come a little earlier). If the skin has rashes, everything will be hidden by professional tonal means. If eyes are red, use eye drops. Think about it beforehand. Immediately before the photo session it is better not to experiment with the shape of the eyebrows from the master, in whose work you are not 100% sure. If necessary, dyeing eyebrows / eyelashes should be done in advance (2-3 days). When dry and flaky lips massage with a soft toothbrush. Moisten the lips with balsam. Take it with you.

    HAIR Your hair should be clean (washed the night before, or in the morning before the meeting). Do not use any additional cosmetics on your hair . Always bring your hair protection with you.

    It is not recommended to visit solarium before taking pictures and undergo any cosmetic procedures and operations!
    Your photo session
    Our photographers work in a comfortable photo studio located in the center of Moscow, in the Art-Play design space near Kurskaya metro station. The studio has all the necessary professional equipment for high-quality shooting of full-height portraits with three backgrounds: white, gray and black. Depending on the package you've chosen, the shooting will last from one to three hours. Usually during one shooting we do several styles, which makes it possible to get the best results for achieving the goals of our joint

    Each studio shooting includes a training which helps to choose the correct strategy for the session to highlight the model's best looks. The photographer creates the nice atmosphere for the model to get the best results. The extensive experience of working with various clients both in business and in other spheres helps to find the right approach to any model.

    An important part of our work is monitoring of the images on the computer screen during the whole process of shooting. This gives us an opportunity to change and strengthen the focus of our work to achieve the best result. We finish the process of shooting only when we are fully confident that we've done everything possible to show you in the best way.
    The result of the shooting process will be a set of the best photos that have been chosen by the photographer and the client right after the shooting. Then the photos will be sent to a website for storage and for further editing and selection. The images will be uploaded to the website for some time after you leave the studio. Using your personal password you can select the pictures for further editing or share it with someone who can help you make the right choice. This service is available for comfortable viewing of photographic materials on any modern platforms.
    Once you select the photos for editing, the studio team will begin its work. It will take no more than one week from the moment of selection and also depends on the number of the shootings. The editing process could take from one up to 7 days. The studio is interested to satisfy its customers with the company's services and always makes efforts to achieve a quality result in a timely manner. In the process of editing, the studio is guided by its artistic taste and doesn't interfere in the natural beauty of models and does not use excessive retouching. For additional cost the studio is ready to finalize the images to the artistic and aesthetic level required by customers. You'll get a link with edited images by email so that you can download files from a reliable file sharing service.
    "Maxima Fedorov's Photostudio" works with the industry's best leaders, which allows us to keep high standards of service and quality. If you want to print your photo, we recommend you yo pay attention to Fotolab, one of the leaders in the Moscow print market (www. Fotolab.ru - one of the offices is located in the Art-Play design space). For additional costs the studio can prepare any images for print if it's not included in the packages chosen by the client.

    Important details
    Studio working hours
    We work on weekdays from 10:00 to 20:00. If necessary, we are ready to adjust our schedule. When setting the shooting time, be prepared to come to the studio one hour earlier to work with the make-up artist. We also recommend to our clients to have an extra hour after the shooting just in case if we need a little more time than it was planned.
    All payments are made either in cash and via a Sberbank card before the shooting.
    We pay great attention to the comfort of work and information security of our customers. The transfer of photos to customers is made only via Internet resources which specialize in secure storage of files (using closed links and passwords). All publications of photos of the studio and photographers working under the brand "Maxim Fedorov. Headshot photo studio " are made only after getting an approval from the models.